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Summer & Storm - Rose Quartz Coin x Baltic Amber

Summer & Storm

Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and is connected to the heart chakra. Rose quartz is a happy and loving stone.   Typically used by mothers for their babies during the teething process to ease discomfort. 

It is believed to raise self-esteem and improve self worth. It has a loving energy and teaches us to apply love.


Baltic amber has been used for thousands of years for many ailments. 

It is believe to help ease pain, stimulate the healing process and posses ani-inflammatory properties.

The ancients would traditionally gift amber to their young children to help protect them from misadventure and help ease growth.

Necklace measures - 33cm

Intended for ages 0-5 years. Read Safety instructions below.

Each of our pieces come in a beautifully printed linen bag for safe keeping when not in use.

Please keep in mind that each necklace is made natural elements and are all slightly different in appearance.  Handmade by Summer and Storm. 

Read Safety Instructions here

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