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Round Rattle

Wild Creek Co

Little ones love to grasp and shake anything... and everything, so put this wooden rattle in their little hands as a natural alternative to plastic rattles.  Our rattle is a bit bigger than other rattles on the market, making it a lasting toy even teething toddlers enjoy.  We often hear from parents that the round rattle has been the one toy they have left out after the baby days for their toddlers to continue to enjoy.  In fact, our 2 year old often uses hers as a bracelet or treasure, and loves to shake it for the lovely musical effect.

    • Strung on two separately knotted 100% cotton strings (our string is not waxed, so no yucky petroleum for your babe).
    • Knots are hidden so the rattle has a nice, satisfying look of completeness.
    • Rings are made of a gorgeous, luxe beech wood that makes a clear, soft, pleasing clink when shook.
    • All beads and rings are waxed with our in-house blend of organic beeswax and jojoba oil.  
    • Approx. 4" in diameter.

    Type: Teether

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