Rain Pinafore Apron - Light Blue Stripes / Kids (3-6 Years)

Lil Bellies

A beautiful white and light blue apron that makes you want to wear it all day long. Perfect for play, helping at home or simply wearing out.

Made of 100% cotton with great light texture, this Apron is easy to slip over any clothing.

Hand sown in Brazil

care: wash in cold water and air dry

sizes: 3-6 Kids

In collaboration with Il Casalingo for Lil Bellies


About:   Lil Bellies strive to inspire kids and families to connect, discover and explore the wonders of Nature through our designs and supplies.  Held strong in the belief that the most memorable childhood experience is built from moments of freedom, fantasy, and discovery spent in the natural wildness.

In an age where the culture is television, tablets, and cell phones, today's child spends very little time in contact with animals, trees, flowers, rivers and creeks.

Lil Bellies is dedicated to raising awareness to the importance of Nature in a child's life.

Type: Apron