Otto Hot Water Bottle - Natural


100% Baby Alpaca knit water bottle.  Hot water bottles are making a comeback.  Eco-conscious, practical and cost saving they are the answer to many of life’s problems.

Sleeplessness:  For the sleep deprived, hot water bottles are great way to help you relax so you can get a good night’s sleep.  As a bed warmer:  I always fill up my hot water bottle up and put it in my sheets 10 minute before I go to bed so its warm and cozy.  These are just a few of the many benefits of bringing back this age old tradition.  Grandma knew best. 

About:   The Eco Hot Water Bottle by OMIBIA is an innovative and forward looking hot water bottle with a completely new material composition that is free of plasticizer and PVC.This water bottle is made with more than 80% of renewable resources veri ed by ASTM D6886. Suitable for recycling, the product material is mainly composed of sugar cane.

This hot water bottle has been manufactured on a sustainable and resource saving basis, which maintains its shape when cold and only becomes pleasantly soft and cuddly on being lled with hot water.
This results in a unique easy pouring action. It retains heat well.

It has a patented safety fastener with an annual production location test by the TÜV.
This Eco hot water bottles is good quality. The cover is soft and comfortable made of 100% Baby Alpaca and has been hand made in the UK.

The inside bottle is made in Germany.
Tested for harmful substances.This hot water bottles is odour-neutral, recyclable and have a two year leak-proof guarantee. Safety-tested;
CE conforming according to the Medical Product Regulation 93/42 EEC Class 1.Produced according to British Standard BS 1970:2012.


Cover removable and washable.
Cold Wash, do not tumble dry. Allow 3-5% shrinkage.
When lling DO NOT USE BOILING WATER, very hot water is ne but boiling water can burn the skin, cause splits or leaks and will shorten the life
of the bottle.
Three quarters is the maximum, do not over ll. A hot water bottle will give out plenty of heat and work just as well when lled to the correct level.
Expel excess air from the bottle by lowering it carefully onto a at level
surface until water appears at the opening.
When tightening the stopper make sure it is on correctly. If loose replace with
a new stopper but always replace like for like, not all stoppers are generic. Children under 3 years of age, persons who are sensitive to heat or helpless persons should not use this hot water bottle.

Sizes:  Small bottle Size 200 mm X 140 mm. (78” x 55”). Capacity 0.8 ltr

             Large bottle Size 315 mm X 195 mm. (124” x 76”). Capacity 2.0 ltr


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