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Natural Linen Pants

Tortoise & the Hare

Tom Sawyer or Pippi Longstocking might have pulled on a pair of these basic linen pants.  Lightweight, breathable, and buttery soft, these comfortable unisex elastic-waist pants are perfect for playful explorers. Sized with room to grow but do not size down. Unisex 


  • Natural 100% linen, which will soften with wear and age.
  • Decorative tie made of 100% cotton.  
  • Soft workable elastic waistband.
  • Care Instructions: Wash cold. Tumble dry delicate.
    Designed and sewn by hand in a rustic Pennsylvania farm studio.


    About: T o r t o i s e  &  t h e  H a r e  is a collection of heirloom quality children’s clothing made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania–  a community that has a rich heritage of artisans and small family businesses.  All clothing is responsibly made on a family farm and sewn by seamstresses who were taught to sew by their mamas. 

    Type: Pants

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